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© Des Syafrizal - Photovoices Katingan Doc
© Des Syafrizal - Photovoices Katingan Doc
Picture this—a massive peat swamp forest in Kalimantan, bigger than Singapore, where the destinies of humans and endangered species such as the orangutan are closely entwined. Here in Katingan, a landmark project seeks to reconcile human well-being—at a global and local scale—while preserving the integrity of a unique ecosystem upon which we all depend.

The project lies within the Katingan and Kotawaringin Timur districts of the Indonesian province of Central Kalimantan, on the island of Borneo. Our focus is a vast tract of peat swamp forest – one of the largest remaining intact peat swamp forests in Indonesia – surrounded by villages that depend on the forest and the land to make a living.

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