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Public review period is open for Katingan Project Monitoring Report

Jun 2016 16
We are pleased to announce that our monitoring report is available for public review and we are looking forward to receiving comments and inputs

Community Firefighters Tackle Forest Fire From Grassroots

Nov 2015 11
Community firefighters tackle forest fire from grassroots

Katingan Project's fire prevention efforts feature‎d in Aljazeera

Oct 2015 08
By working closely with local communities,the Katingan Project has successfully prevented fires in ‎high risk areas

Public review period is open for Katingan Project PDD

Sep 2015 05
We are pleased to announce that our PDD is available for public review and we are looking forward to receiving comments and inputs

DHARSONO HARTONO I Bisnis Konservasi di Katingan

Aug 2015 26
Dharsono Hartono, CEO of PT RMU became one of the young people 'Tokoh Muda 2015' by the Tempo Magazine, as an innovator in the business of conservation through PT RMU to implement the peat ecosystem restoration program in Katingan

Global Green Growth Institute ‎launches a technical report on extended cost benefit analysis of Katingan Project

Jun 2015 08
The GGGI report attempts to value environmental externalities, public goods and social returns of investments by identifying the benefits of mitigating carbon emissions and preserving vital ecosystem services

Dharsono Hartono signs MoU with 13 villages in Katingan

May 2015 25
From 18 to 22 May 2015, Dharsono Hartono, CEO of PT RMU visited 13 villages along the Katingan River to sign MoUs between PT RMU and those villages. PT RMU agrees to support village-based sustainable livelihood activities while the villages agree to work together with PT RMU to implement the peat ecosystem restoration program.

Dharsono Hartono talks REDD+ and 'sustainable livelihoods' with the Thomson Reuters Foundation

Aug 2014 21
SERYUYAN/JAKARTA, Indonesia (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Schemes to reduce climate-changing emissions from deforestation will attract more local support if they offer jobs and concrete income opportunities for forest people, Indonesian villagers and experts say.

‘Years of Living Dangerously’ wins Emmy Award

Aug 2014 16
The 2014 Emmy Award for 'Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Series' has been awarded to ‘The Years of Living Dangerously’, which featured the Katingan Project.

The Katingan Project's meeting with Bill Clinton featured in The Jakarta Post's Environment section

Aug 2014 12
'Face-to-face with orangutans' - At just over 200,000, the population of Pangkalan Bun, in Kotawaringing Barat regency, Central Kalimantan is a drop in the ocean relative to Indonesia’s some 240 million people. But the nondescript area is also home to another population of some 6,000 that makes it one of the most important places on earth...

Five rescued and rehabilitated orangutans are released into the Katingan area

Aug 2014 10
'Akhirnya Kelima Orangutan ini Memiliki Rumah Baru di Habitat Hutan yang Aman' on Mongabay Indonesia.

Dharsono Hartono from PT. RMU interviewed by the Clinton Foundation

Aug 2014 08
'Saving Indonesia's Rainforests', on the Clinton Foundation's YouTube channel.

The Katingan Project featured on the Clinton Foundation's blog

Jul 2014 25
"Conserving Indonesia’s Forests in 9 Steps" - The Katingan Project is managed by the private sector company PT. Rimba Makmur Utama (RMU), and worked with the Clinton Climate Initiative to develop the carbon-focused project. Here we’ve highlighted 9 steps on how we’ve worked to conserve Indonesia’s forests with our partners.

Bill Clinton's meeting with PT. RMU mentioned on Indonesia's Official Tourism Website

Jul 2014 21
"In Kotawaringin Barat, Bill Clinton met his working partners in the Clinton Foundation in Kalimantan, including the Orangutan Indonesia Foundation (Yayorin), Kobar, Rimba Raya Conservation (RRC), Seruyan, and Rimba Makmur Utama (RMU), Katingan."

Community life documented by Photovoices in Katingan highlighted by the Clinton Foundation

Jul 2014 20
'The Environment and Indonesian Communities: Part 1' - This blog post by the Clinton Foundation highlights the work of Photovoices International as part of the Katingan Project, which was supported by the Clinton Climate Initiative, and empowers local populations to document the way the environment affects core issues in their communities.

Saving the Indonesian peat forests, one basket at at time

May 2014 15
The Katingan Project — which caught the eye of Harrison Ford — pairs a basket-making business with the project's efforts to restore valuable ecosystem, employing local villagers along the way.

Katingan Project is Featured in Years of Living Dangerously TV series

Apr 2014 08
Harrison Ford may be no stranger to cutting his way through jungles, but in September 2013 his trip to the Katingan Project concession in Central Kalimantan, Borneo, was an eye-opener on the potential of peat swamps to mitigate the impacts of global warming while helping local communities.

Green Firm Sees Forest Communities as Equal Partners

Mar 2014 04
A green entrepreneur and his forest conservation company are leading the way with a business model that is not just green and sustainable but has the backing and involvement of the community. Dharsono Hartono, president director of Rimba Makmur Utama, has invested in a restoration project consisting of 217,000 hectares of forest in Katingan.

New REDD+chief faces game-changing challenges

Jan 2014 11
Maybe yes, maybe no. That was the punch line of a bachelor in an old television commercial. The character was constantly asked about when he planned on getting married. Not wanting to disappoint, this sought-after man about town replied with non-committal promptness: May. Maybe yes, maybe no.

Restorasi, Berjuang Sejak dari Perizinan

Oct 2013 20
Senin (9/9/2013) kantor Kementerian Kehutanan, kedatangan bule gaek yang populer di jagat hiburan. Berjas hitam ditemani dua asisten, dialah Harrison Ford, aktor Holywood yang terkenal lewat perannya di film Indiana Jones dan Star Wars.

Kalah Bertempur di Hutan Kita

Oct 2013 12
Aktor Hollywood, Harrison Ford, memotret dua tantangan terbesar hutan Indonesia: sulit merestorasi yang rusak, sementara mempertahankan yang ada juga nyaris mustahil.

Last best chance to save forests

Oct 2013 06
Indonesia has the largest remaining lowland peat forests in the world, but their illegal destruction continues apace despite the efforts of villagers who want to benefit from their preservation.

Fighting deforestation-and corruption-in Indonesia

Apr 2013 10
The challenge of trying to save Indonesia's forests - The basic premise of the Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD+) program seems simple: rich nations pay tropical countries for preserving their forests. Yet the program has made relatively limited progress on the ground since 2007.

Baseline Flora Assessment and Preliminary Monitoring Protocol in the Katingan Peat Swamp, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

Jan 2011 31
Report by the Orangutan Tropical Peatland Project (OuTrop) to help satisfy the CCBA Standard checkpoints related to floral biodiversity and facilitate the acquisition of Approved/Gold Standard status for the proposed Forest Carbon Project in Katingan Regency.

Sinyal Merah Proyek REDD

Dec 2010 12
DHARSONO Hartono benar-benar ”edan”. Dia tinggalkan karier cemerlang serta uang berlimpah di Wall Street dan pulang ke Indonesia untuk sebuah bisnis baru yang belum jelas juntrungan duitnya: bisnis konservasi hutan.

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